September 4th, 2018


Helping people who use Macs

Providing a full range of on-site services to Macintosh users in Sydney’s North.
Personal service with complete discretion.


Desktop or Notebook Installation.
Complete set-up and Office software installation
on your new iMac,
MacMini, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air,
including connection to a USB, wireless  or network printer.

Data Migration.
Move all your data from your old Mac to your new Mac.

Time Machine set-up.
Set-up backups to local or network locations.
Training in use of Time Machine, including how
do a simple restoration.

Printer Installation.
Complete set-up of your new AirPrint, USB or network printer, including
driver installation and connection to your Mac, iPad or iPhone.

Airport Installation.
Complete set-up of your new Airport Base Station,
including ethernet connection to your network
and wireless connection of up to 3 Macs and mobile devices.

Integration with iPad or iPhone.
Link your iPad or iPhone to your Mac.

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